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Bolts and Fasteners

Bolts - Hex Head
Coach Bolt
Roof Hook Folded Eye
Alan Screw
Bar Stock
Machine Screw
Masonary Fasteners
Blind Rivets


Bolts - Metric: Stock sizes from 6 x 100mm to 24 x 200mm. Other sizes on request

Bolts - UNC/UNF: Stock sizes from 1/4x1ins to 1x5ins.

Bolts - BSW/BSF: Stock sizes from 1/4x1ins to 1x5ins. Please call for availability.

Nuts - Full. Half. Nylock "P"&"T". Philidas. Dome. Wing. Connecting. "T" Nut. Rivet Nut.

Washers - Flat. Spring. Anti-Loose. Repair. Square. Taper. Copper.

Alan Screw - Cap Metric from 4 to 26mm. Grub Screw. Button Screw.

Machine Screws - 3 to 8mm. BZP, Brass, Stainless Steel. Countersunk, Pan Head. Pozi and Slot Drive

Threaded Bar - Metric 3 to 36mm UNC & BSW 3/16 to 1 1/2 inch

Coach Bolts.  Roofing Bolts. Hook Bolts Folded Eye Bolts 

Fasteners - Masonary, Frame & Cavity Fixings

Nails - Round. Oval. Ring-Shank. Spring-Head roofing. Staples. Bright & Galvanised. Tacks. Panel Pins

Blind Rivets - Alloy & Steel

  • Many other fasteners in stock. If the item you require is not listed; Please ask.
  • If not in our stock we can supply.


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