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Door & Gate Fittings

Butt Hinge - Steel
Butt hinge - Brass
Bolts and Catches
Gate Hinge
Plates and Brackets

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Butt Hinge, Steel: - Light. Strong. Rising. Storm Proof. Double Recess.

Butt Hinge, Brass: - Light. Strong. Flush. Piano.

T Hinge: - Light. Medium. Heavy.

Band & Hook Hinge: - Straight. Cranked.

Door Bolt - Spring. Straight. Bow Handle.

Padlock Bolt - Oval. Bretton. Hasp & Staple

Swing Bolt.

Spring - Door or Gate Closure Spring.

Re-inforcing Plates - Corner. "T". Corner Brace. Brackets.

Ring on a Plate. Hook on a Plate. Staple on a Plate.

Locks - Mortise. Night Latch. Security Lock. Padlock. (Keyed alike sets available to order)


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