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Bolts and Fasteners
Stainless Steel
Chain & Wire Rope
Door & Gate Fittings
Safety Equipment
Trailer Fittings
Cut & Grind Discs
Clamps & Clips
Drill Bits
Gutter - uPVC


The web site only contains a selection of the items that are available.

If you do not see what you require please call us on 01226 762253

Bolts and Fasteners: Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Alan & Machine Screws, Roofing & Coach Bolts, Nails, Blind Rivets, Threaded Bar.

Screws: Self Drilling, Coach, Concrete, Wood, Decking, Drywall, Self Tapping, Security.

Bar Stock: Threaded Bar, Round Bar, Flat Bar, Silver Steel. Woodruff Keys.

Stainless Steel Items: Bolts, Nuts, Washers; Alan, Machine, Wood & Self Tapping Screws, Threaded Bar.
Door and Gate Fittings: Hinges, Bolts, Springs, Locks
Chain, Wire Rope: Shackles, Turnbuckles, Eyes, D Links, Solderless Nipple.

Clamps & Clips: Worm Clamp, Bolted Clamp, Exhaust Clamp, Pipe Clip, "O" Clip.

Trailer Fittings: Hinges, Anti-Loose, Pins, R Clips, Ratchet Straps, Rope.

Gutter & Fittings: TwinPlas uPVC Guttering, Fittings and Accessories

Drill Bits Bits: HSS Drill Bits, Masonary Drills, SDS Drills, Wood Drills. Hole Saw

Lubricants & Oils: Millers Oil Products, WURTH products, Specialist Aerosols

Safety Equipment: Gloves, Masks, Glasses

Welding Supplies: Welding Rod, MIG Wire, Goggles

Abrasives: Cutting & Grinding Discs. Wheels & Pads

Electrical Fittings: Plugs. Sockets. Fuses. Starters. Fluorescent Tubes.

Plumbing Fittings: Copper pipe and fittings. Iron Fittings. Tap washers and spanners.

Bathroom Accessories: Full range


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